*EQUMAN - The modern man who wants to look sharp and live smart. Lives a busy, active lifestyle. Works hard, plays
hard. Cares about his health and how he presents himself to the world. He is a man who wants products which are
made for the everyday man. He transcends from work to weekends and street to sports.
Olympic Gold Medal hopeful, Australian Discus Thrower Benn Harradine is more than just an
athlete he is an EQUMAN…….

Born and raised in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, Benn is a proud indigenous man from the
Watjabaluk/ Wergia people of the Wimera. His athletic career began at the tender age of 8 years old when
he started little athletics. Hurdling parking cones and throwing beanbags were the beginnings for this
Australian Champion.
His impressive career has seen him become 6 time Australian National Champion, a Commonwealth Gold
medalist, 5th placeholder in the World Championship, as well as the Australian and Oceania record holder
and 2 time Olympian. With a career of this magnitude - London Olympic Gold is clearly in sight for Benn in

It was during his involvement in the community youth project ‘Vibe 3 On 3’ in September 2011 that Benn
met EQUMEN founder Gavin Jones. Jones introduced him to their line of Core Precision undergarments
for men and from that time on he has been wearing EQUMEN for training, sport, post sport recovery and
his everyday wear.

This modern man is a role model to indigenous youth and all Australians, he is an entrepreneur who has
started his own fashion label, he is an integral member of the sporting community and an acclaimed